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Aik Gadhe Ki Sarguzasht By Krishan Chandar

gadhe ki sarguzasht
Aik gadhe ki sarguzasht written by krishan chandar in urdu language contains the collection of short fiction stories. Dears i am not a priest or not a faqeer, doctor, film star, politician i am just a donkey who loves to read newspaper from childhood and time comes when i left my job and started online news reading and those days my was owner was dhano kumhar who used to live in bara manki ( donkeys of bara manki are very famous) and would work of loading briks on the place of syed karamat ali shah.Syed karamat ali shah was the one of popular barrister and building a wonderful palace in the presence of himself and he was so fond of writing and reading that s why first he started to build the library portion or reading room.He comes to library early morning for reading books and newspaper.Ofter when i load off the brinks and goes to library section where he mostly sits but he does not know my presence and i also read newspaper behind of him and sometimes i read the whole newspaper's first page before the ends and sometime i was reading first page he was search news on filming that creates a good debate among of us and sometime we cristie on film actors and my owner comes to take me to my professional job what i do mostly  and again loading off the bricks i come to syed shahab for reading the other pages so next time he separate the page and gives me to read separately.When i complete the newspaper i go to library and bring any book and start reading loudly and after all i am thankful to syed sahab as i can read books and newspapers just because of him.Syed sahab loves to read discuss, debate and cristie on different headlines and he has no one to talk and share the newspaper so he made me his company.Visit the given mediafire link to download novel aik gadhe ki sarguzasht by krishan chandar pdf free or read online fiction story book on archive.

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