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Download 500 Mashhoor Zaeef Ahadees Urdu Islamic Pdf

500 Mashhoor Zaeef Ahaadees
500 mashoor zaeef ahadees is the fifth collection of 500 hadees in urdu language with the size of 5 mb in high quality format shared into islam urdu books and hadith urdu books. The purpose of writing these ahdees is to give awarness about trusted hadees that are said by hazrat muhammad s.a.w rather than those hadees that do not belong of hazrat muhammad (pbuh). Prophet s.a.w said " A person who belong a hadees with me that is not said by me he must consider his destination in hell". These days while using internet we see many hadees shared on different sites, facebook groups, pages and timelines but a nonconforming person mostly these hadees on their own timelines and pages even without any research and confirmation. Previous hadith is about these peoples who do not confirm the ahadees and share so that participate miss guiding the other persons. So please try to avoid sharing such ahadees that are not confirmed yet or have doubts and dont be the part of those peoples who are about to send in hell soon. This book has 4 other editions titled 100, 200, 300, 400 mashoor ahaadees and this is the latest edition. A new edition of this book will be pulished soon in future with the name of 600 ahadees. Below medifire, 4shared and dropbox are mentioned for downloading, online reading. You may use any given link if a link is not working or has been deleted.


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