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Allah Ki Talwar By Abu Zaid Shibli Download Pdf

Allah Ki Talwar
Allah ki talwar islamic book is authored and written by abu zaid shibli. This book tells the historic biography of an islamic great personalty who is known as a super warrior after hazrat muhammad pbuh. whose name is syedna khalid bin waleed r.a alias "saifullah" from allah paak. The thing that forced author to write the biography, every successful nation remembers their great personalties but also feels proud of them. So the every person of that nation feels respect of them. But in muslims states average of them are forgotten about their famous and popular personalities, who served their lives for the survival of islam religion. If we have any identification that we are muslim just becuase of them and what we did, we almost forgot them. Somewhere when we give the example of bravery we take the names of non muslims persons like napoleon. We do not remeber that we muslims have also a beautiful past and had those personalities where napolen type person can not stand and compete them. Suppose khalid bin waleed r.a was a personalty of any alive and aroused nation so how many days they would celebrate for him and here we even do not remember his name but also forgotten his exploits. Click on the given mediafire and 4 shared link to download allah ki talwar urdu book or use second link for online reading of hazrat khalid bin waleed r.a biography in urdu pdf.


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