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Zakham Phool Banay By Naseem Sehar Qureshi

zakham phool banay
Zakham phool banay by naseem sehar qureshi novel is containing a social reforming romantic story in urdu pdf language with the size of 11 mb in high quality format. This story is uploaded to romantic novels urdu pdf and naseem sehar qureshi books free.

Zakham Phool Banay Novel First Page

Don't you take meal? usman ahmed asks to qandeel. Baba ! we have few guests now so will take meal later, qandeel replies to him. So why don't you bring the meal here, usman ahmed tells the second option. Leave it papa! you know, i don't take much dinner, at noon i brought some apples so ate few apples and now my stomach is full and there is not space for dinner, qandeel explain to her father. Usman ahmed was looking her intently. Ayaz is your cousin so why don't you meet him qandeel, he asks another question. No papa! i dont want to meet him, does he not know first he have to meet you as you are uncle of him, they have been here for eight hours but look they even did not come here to see your, qandeel tells the reason that why she does not want to meet guests. 


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