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Badalti Rahain Novel By Anwar Ahmed Siddiqui

Badalti Rahain Anwar Ahmed Siddiqui
Badalti rahain story is authored by anwar ahmed siddiqui. It contains the social adventure and romance based story in urdu language. Posted into urdu social books and anwar ahmed siddiqui novels pdf. Professor wazeer ali honk the horn after reaching at home gate, he was waiting for someone to open the main gate. After few minutes he heard the steps of someone, who was about to open the gate. Slamat open the one side of gate and then second side. Gate was made of iron so it needs some power to open it completely. Salamat was doing it fast but he does not have much body and power. He opened the door and stood away from middle of way so the car can enter inside. Professor wazeer ali moved car inside slowly and carefully. Salamt ran to open the door of car before professor does. salamat greets to professor but he says servant to take baggage out from car and bring it in. Though there was no need to say as salamat knows when does professor go to market at noon he brings some fruits for sure and sometimes he brings some other stuffs too. He moved to back of car and open and took the baggage and walked after professor, who was reached in the middle of lawn. His wife rukhsana was standing in lawn and waiting for him. Today is wednesday and this day you have only two periods, but you are late, rukhsana asked to professor. Today i had staff meeting and after that i went to market for some shopping. professor replied. Every time i say don' bring these stuff, we have salamat for these works. rukhsana complaint him. yeah! i know but salamat can not bring the right things that s why i don't say him. Use the mentioned mediafire, dropbox and 4shared link for badalti rahain urdu novel pdf free download or read online social story.



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