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Ghaar Ka Samandar Complete by Ishtiaq Ahmed

Ghaar Ka Samandar Complete
Ghaar ka samandar novel is written by ishtiaq ahmed in complete 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 parts. This spy adventure thriller suspense story has the size of 61.2 mb and shared into urdu jasoosi novels and ishtiaq ahmed spy books. Shauqi do you do any job or jobless, someone asked from inside of room. Now a day i am totally jobless mom and don't have any case to work on, you check my pocket too, you won't find even 200 rupees in my pocket. Oho! i am not asking for case, i know cases are difficult to find this time because you don't want it. i want you to get up and some pet works. shauqi mother said to him. Why not mom! you just order me, he answered. go and bring fridge from aunty's home. Mother gave him work. Again same work mom, you were saying that i don't do any work and here you are asking me to bring fridge. Aftab was looking upset with this job. Why do not you listen compete talk, your uncle is coming and we need fridge for him. His mother cleared her statement. Why mom! why uncle is needed for fridge. Ashfaq was surprised with her mother clarification. He does not need it, actually we need as we want to show him that we own fridge too. Mother again cleared him. Why, why we want to show him and if one thing is not our then what is the need to show it ours. Ikhlaq asked queation. Oho why are you asking that much questions i can not understand you every question. That time phone bell rings. Here you go, now we will have case to work on, riffat said. I don't think its a case call, that must be uncle jalali noor, shauqi said. Click on the below mentioned download link for ghar ka samandar complete parts urdu pdf or read online jasoosi urdu story on dropbox free.




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