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Kajal Kotha Complete By Baba Muhammad Yahya Khan

Kajal Kotha Complete Yahya Khan
kajal kotha urdu book is authored and written by baba muhammad yahya khan. This book has the size of 52.0 mb in complete part 1,2,3 and uploaded into miscellaneous book labels. In the beginning of this book there is the introduction of ranjeet shahi kotha located into shahi muhalla. It used to have maze stairs which i used to go on top of building. There i would see a dirty room called kotha with a beautiful woman. I used to bring some kind of meal for her. One more thing that i forgot, that time i had a friend who used to live together and goes everywhere when i did go named kalay khan. Who was kalay khan and beautiful woman, readers will know after reading this complete novel. I had same feelings like musician who first creates music and then goes for its lyrics. A thing that matters is its base. After that it depends on creator, how he likes he creates. Kajal khota titled was in my mind before long time as i have other books titles. Times was the real fact that i did not have to write for kajal kotha book. When i had wasted my long time and nothing wrote for book, i took pen and started writing whatever came into my mind and then i realized that i have written several books and today i see that  piya rang kala book is also published. After writing these books i was sure that i will write for kajal kotha too, but i had no beginning to write, one thing which i want to tells readers that when i don't see any beginning i go for long walk, a walk that does not have any destination. Visit the below given mediafire or 4shared links to download kajal khota urdu pdf complete parts or read online baba muhammad yahya khan book on dropbox.



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