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Parizad Urdu Novel by Hashim Nadeem Pdf Download

Parizad Hashim Nadeem
Parizad novel is authored by hashim nadeem containing social adventure reforming story in urdu pdf language. This complete story book has the size of 18 mb in high quality format. Uploaded into social urdu novels and hashim nadeem urdu books read online. This is the story of a man who was not much beautiful and handsome and faces many difficulties where does he go. This summer was againt heating so much and i have same hot streets walking from school to my home. I have to walk this hot journey from my home to school and then back to home daily. Many times i said to mother that i can not pass this journey in summer seasons. I know that i am on sixth number in my all brothers and sisters and there is much time needed whey my number will come and my parents will complete my wish. Father has less salary and they can only afford mother's wishes. While walking i stopped under the shadow of shoe shop to take rest and looked at shoes with wistful eyes. There was an employee showing some beautiful shoes to a madam female. How beautiful she was, like milk. When i was thinking of that female, an employe and owner of shoe shop observed me that i am interrupting with their customers. How many times i said to you don't say by these mirrors, you have made all mirrors dirty, run from here or i will kick you out, employee barked at me. I took my bag from down and keeping walking away from shop.This angry behavior was not new for me. I have been hated since my childhood. My father used to work in a cold drinking factory. Since morning till evening he packs bottle of cold drinks and when he would come at home, He used to be in full angry mode and that time we would hide from father because we don't want be beaten from father. Use the mentioned mediafire and 4shared link for free hashm nadeem pari zad urdu novel pdf download or read online urdu story on dropbox free.




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