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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Download Suspense Digest September 2014 Pdf

suspense digest september 2014
Suspense digest for the month of september contains new social, adventure, thriller, reforming and romantic stories in urdu pdf language with the size of 40 mb labeled into suspense digests and pakistan urdu digests free download.This month it includes sitaron par kamand episode 2 by tahir javed mughal, marvi episode 10 by mohiuddin nawab and  ba nok e khanjar by ilyas sitapuri.Visit the below mentioned mediafire link to download suspense digest september 2014 pdf free or read online monthly suspense digest new september 2014 edition.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Download Parchaiyan Novel By M A Rahat Free Pdf Read Online

parchaiyan rahat novel
Parchaiyan novel authored by m a rahat contains an adventurous thriller suspense story in urdu language with the size of 4 mb in high quality format posted into m a rahat urdu novels pdf and urdu suspense books.My whole life was spent in village that s why i was too worried when entered into karachi city but only thing that i liked about this city that i never sleeps and also son of chaudhry allah wasaya was living here.I remembered  he came back to village after one year so every one was happy to see and hugging him but the most important thing that the selfish person of our village chaudhry ghulam ali gave his daughter to gullo for marriage. Gullo is my best friend since childhood so when i reached in village i also went to welcome him but he was totally changed as he was wearing paint shirt, holding an expensive cigarette in his hand and a beautiful expensive watch can be seen on his hand.He was speaking in english with everyone but as he ignored me so i did not interest to talk further and left him with others but after few days he changed back to his position and we all friends were talking about karachi city for hours and everyone thinking when will they go to karachi.Second year he came back again and get marry with noor ul nisa and left for karachi very soon but left his wife in village.After that our many friends went karachi and told us beautiful stories of city and we were dreaming of karachi that when will we go and enjoy this city but i was sure that i won't go karachi.No one knows that when life take changes and my life also took a change and i sold my land for my dream.Click on the mentioned link to download m a rahat urdu novel parchaiyan free pdf or read online pdf parchaiyan book on dropbox.


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Super Mission Imran Series Novel By Mazhar Kaleem M A Free Download

super mission mazhar kaleem
Super mission novel  written by mazhar kaleem m a containing an action adventure spy detective thriller story in urdu pdf language with the size of 4 mb in high quality format uploaded into imran series urdu novels and mazhar kaleem books free.In early morning ali imran was taking and rest on sofa  and reading a science magazine when door bell rung and he surprised to hear the bell.He called suleman his servant to check the door perhaps someone wants to help them by paying money and suleman replies him that he does not think there is any person for help because in this home only evils can come but not angels.Ali imran replies back that might be there is any jin (ghost) of aladin who want to help us out.Is this ali imran's home someone asked to suleman on door and ali imran was sure that this not a ghost or evil this is a man asking about him.suleman answered him very adorably that yes please come in ali imran is at home.Ali imran saw a decent man entering in his drawing room and he stood up for handshake.I am really sorry to come here without any invitation I am risalat khan and i belong to business hotel and having much branches of my hotel in almost all countries of world.Few months back i decided to open my another hotel in shahpoor and had a visit with my daughter gull rukh  to check the environment and atmosphere and we confirmed for our new hotel next day we had leave to capital but in next morning when i came back from morning walk my wife told me that my daughter is missing from her room.I said that might be she would go for morning walk but she told me that when i checked her bed room i found her bed normal as it was last time before going for sleep so i moved to her room confirmation and found a letter under the bed with the message " we are kidnapping gullrukh and forget her" and under the message only two words were written " black thunder".Visit the mentioned mediafire link to download imran series novel super mission urdu pdf book free or read online mazhar kaleem super misison novel on dropbox pdf.


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Barg E Hina By Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi Urdu Afsanay Pdf

barg hina qasmi
Barg e hina by ahmed nadeem qasmi book contains 3 fiction stories jin o ins, wehshi and bete betiyan in urdu language with the size of 2 mb in high quality format shared into urdu afsanay novels and ahmed nadeem qasmi urdu books labels.Master younus muhammad have doubt that he was on wrong place as he entered into street.On the left hand there was the back side of a home and on the right hand some child and women were standing and looking to him.At the end of street master younus though that they are winking at him. If allah yaar nashaddas was not with him then he could think that going forward is necessary or useless.There were few cocks busy on dirt and when did they noticed master they surprised but then smiled to him that s why he was totally sure that he is on wrong place as he saw a beautiful girl standing on her home dar and peeping on master younus but he did not saw her again.She was wearing a black dress and look so beautiful.Click on the given mediafire link for barg e hina urdu pdf free download or read online urdu afsanay barg e hina on dropbox.


Saturday, 13 September 2014

Media Roop Aur Behroop by Sohail Anjum

Media roop aur behroop pdf book is authored by sohail anjum in urdu language.In last two centueries india made such development in different fields and media is on of them and brought india's name on the developing countries.Media is the forth corner of democracy and these days this is the powerful corner it has complete freedom in india.it has all rights to do and can ask any question to popular personalities and politicians and this is the good achievement in media field so the new generation getting interest in media communication and most of them trust in media even sometime they made wrong news and decision but peoples trust.Today there are 350 channels in india but 32 of them are news channel but it past india used to have only one news channel and now india is the world third biggest television market.In media roop and behroop book sohail anjum tried to write on media role as it have occupied all the environment and we have totally helpless against media.If we see world through the eyes of muslim then we can see that media is being used as a weapon against muslim communities and countries but author used his pen to write on the actual face of media and what are the roles that it can perform and what it can't do.Click on the mediafire link for media roop aur behroop free download or read online sohail anjum urdu book on dropbox.


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