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Download Tum Kya Mily Novel By Zumer Naeem Pdf

Tum Kya Mily Novel
Tum kya mile written and presented by zumer naeem romance novel excerpts a social conflict reforming story in urdu language with the size of 54 mb shared into romantic urdu books amd zumer naeem novels with good quality pdf format. Today is the fortieth of our mother so what did you think for, you have seen the mood of qadeer, he is disaffected, kids are also worried calling time to time and how can i left them with servants, shabana said. Yes sister! death of our mother shocked us i can not even think that she will left us alone one day. Now we cant come to naihar. Today if we have any brother so we can come to nihar " home of parents for girl when she get married" but now he dont have any hope to come here and if we come we will have empty home and walls only,  imrana said and started weeping again as she was the loved one of her mother that s why she was much sad than other. Shabana left her bed and came closed to imrana so she stop and hearted her. Use the below mentioned mediafire link for novel or visit the online link for online reading of book.


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Pdf Suspense Digest November 2014 Free Download

Suspense Digest November 2014
Suspense digest for the month of november contains new adventure thriller mysterious stories written by different famous authors publish monthly. New edition of suspense digest presents stories lawaris, waris by ilyas sitapuri, stories of different peoples faced didactic accidents in past. Sada mansooba written by amjad raees tells thrilled story about action and reaction. Wehshi short fantastic story by kashib zubair gives another memorable adventure story in urdu language.  Sitaron par kamand serial novel story of romance, fights and relations that change time to time presented by tahir javed mughal. Kirayedar another short story of tanveer riaz is an example of a criminal that was skilled in his job. Aakhri keel story is based on law and investigation about a feeling of a social person. Pukaar authored by saleem anwar, sometime we think self made scenes in our mind and get the meaning of our choice,but neither scene is real nor meaning that what we want, same problem was with him, he had few circles, scenes that wanted to be completed. Dua by shair shah syed shows the realty of love even it is in any shape allah loves real love and this is the story of a love couple who had true love among them. Qismat by babar naeem, marvi new episode by mohiuddin nawab, aitraaf by ghulam qadir, biography of hazrat ibrahim a.s in urdu, jungle ka admi by manzar imam, mulaqat by dr majid amjad.Click on the below given mediafire link or 4shared link to download suspense new edtion.


Download Andher Nagri Complete Novel By Mohiuddin Nawab Pdf

Download Andher Nagri Novel
Andher nagri novel written by mohiuddin nawab explains an adventurous thriller full of action story in urdu language with the size of 19 mb in complete part 1,2,3,4. This book has the written in high quality format labeled into suspense and mohiuddin nawab urdu novels online.Pakistan has completed its half century after its partition and this is the true fact that still pakistan is ruled by only one group. This group has different names but with the same purpose that are ruling on pakistan. This group purpose is to rule for their our benefits and looting the pakistan resourceses and on one dare to stop these grim and traitors. These traitors group is the production of black and illegal money and they have fully control on pakistan existence.No one asks them or if we say here in pakistan has totally "Dark is the nation and insane the king" situation that is right too. Every patriot citizen of pakistan feels sad, even a writer can feel much than a normal citizan becuase he sees and feels the circumstances and knows to write about these ulcers. Mohiuddin nawab is famous for written novels not for fiction stories but also writes on pakistan social conflicts and problems.Novel andher nagri is the example of these situations where some brave persons fights against this corrupt  system. Author also uncovers the hidden hands and the actions of america united states breaking the muslims existence and islam religion in muslim countries specially pakistan.Click on the below mentioned mediafire link to download andhair nagri complete novel. Reading online of mohiuddin nawab urdu book is disabled due of its four parts and can be read only offline on computer.


Red Power Imran Series By Mazhar Kaleem M A

red power mazhar kaleem
Red power novel is authored and written by mazhar kaleem m a contains an adventure spy action and thriller urdu story of power land when a scientist taramzi comes to kills billion people with his new inventions and it is good luck that pakesia secret service is out of country and juliana handling as dummy x2 so would she face and stop the scientist and his mission read the complete story.Use the mentioned below mediafire link to download red power urdu novel pdf or read online free book.

Have you read hard crime by mazhar kaleem if not click here

Sitara e Sham Novel By Amna Riaz Free Download

Sitara e Sham Novel
Sitar e sham written and titled by amna riaz tells a social conflicts, adventure and romance story in urdu language. This book has the size of 28 mb and posted into amna raiz novels pdf and romantic urdu stories.Story starts with the scene of an office  when jalal ud din closes a file and puts on desk. Again this is a busy day for him. He joined this job only for the sack of good salary and promotion but finally he found his found with less salary, full time hardworking plus newly job that s why he is fully concentrating on this job. He did not sleep for last many days so that he even can not open his eyes completely.  This time when he was napping something touched his hand and he woke up but did not found any thing, he looked around to guess the subject but did not succeed then he smiled because this is also a reason of not sleeping for long time. Jalal ud din's wife was sleeping on other side, He stood up and went close to window and remove the curtains, he saw few drops on window's glass that indicates the raining and wind was also been the cause of movement in tree's leaves. There is an lamp post lighting the main gate, He thinks if a person looks his home from outside, he will guess it a haunted place.Visit the mentioned below mediafire link to download sitara e sham urdu novel or read online amna riaz book pdf. 


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