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Monday, 1 September 2014

Sarguzasht Digest September 2014 Free Download

sarguzasht september 2014
Sarguzasht digest for the month of september contains new reforming, social conflicts stories.Kemiagar short interview of hazrat behram barwadani,khata dar khata story of those mistakes that harm muslims by kashif zubair, hukmarano ki khata by k z khan, ghalat nazariye wrong theory by maryam k khan explains the incorrect theory of scientist, ghalat faislay wrong decisions by rida batool describes the injustice decision that were not in favor of west leaders, jangi khatain byasif malik battle's mistakes tells those mistakes that change the situation from loss to win, dolat ki khatir by dr abdul rab bhatti reveals the actions of indian actresses, tabahi ki devi by zain mehdi goddesses of destruction explains the reason of most famous madarsah destruction in sub continental, mamooli chook by nauman ahmed awan little mistake is the story of small mistake happens by a employee, kehray ka qehar by saima iqbal tells the small mistake occured by a captain that took many lives, talaash e manzil by ibn e kabeer is the story of a nation that eats their own peoples, ujlat ki saza by muhammad ayaz rahi a small talk or act can change any situation, semtember by manzar e imam a small overview about september month of calendar, sarab by kashif zubair, anjaam khatam by jaan muhammad, sazish by aaliya shabir ahmed, benaam khata by aaliya farhan, khatah e buzargaan by irfan, kimiya gar by sohail, khatakaar hoon by amjad sheikh in urdu language having the size 43 mb and uploaded into urdu digests labels.Use the following mediafire link to free download sarguzasht digest new edition september 2014 pdf or read online monthly edition.

Marshall Agency Novel By Mazhar Kaleem M A Free Download

marshall agency mazhar kaleem
Marshall agency is the newest novel of mazhar kaleem published in august 2014 is the story of an international agency comes to pakesia for a mission and succeed by stolen the precious element after all ali imran was not informed about this victory and when did he know about this element it was successfully sent to acremia.Ali imran goes on this mission with his team to recover their property.This story starts from the airport when ali imran comes out from an airport and heads to parking area and as he puts key into car ignition a beautiful girls suddenly enters in his car and sits on side seat which makes ali imran surprised.She was wearing a pink color suit and holding a traveling bag with his handbag purse."excuse me ! may i know you" ali imran asks to girl.She was a foreign girl and her eyes were blue with walnut color hair." No! if i don't know you then how can you know me" girl replied." Then you thought my car a taxi?" imran said." No! how could this be a taxi as it looks a sport car" girl surprisingly answered." I did not mean this i just though you have some misunderstanding" imran answered to girl while smiling." i don't have any misunderstanding and i know this is a sport car not a taxi and suppose i wanted to sit into taxi then i could hire a cab then i did not need to sit in your car" girl again replied to ali imran." oh ! now i got that you do not have much money to hire the cab that s why you thought if you find any empty car you will sit into it so you do not have to pay rent" imran said." Its not like this i am from acremia and having few credit cards with some dollars plus your country's currency" girl cleared her side." So what is meant by sitting into my car".This book is posted into imran series novels.Click on the below given mediafire link for mazhar kaleem urdu novel marshall agency free download or read online pdf on dropbox.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Download Shuaa Digest September 2014

shuaa september 2014
Shuaa digest for the month of september contains new social conflicts reforming romantic adventure novels and stories aik thi mishaal episode 19 by rukhsana nigar adnan, raqs e bismal episode 14 by nabila aziz, roop nagar ki raam kahani by naeema naaz, yaram by sumaira ahmed, aur agar by shahida tallat, wafa kay waday by sadag rehan gilani, aur ye dil by nighat seema, adhoori tasveer by sumaira usman gull, main aankh ka pani hun by misbah ali, doosra rukh by qurrat ul ain roy. Cooking new recipes of chicken rice chilli, brownie recipe,chicken matchstick and with the fresh beauty tips and health corner in urdu language.Use the mentioned mediafire link for monthly shuaa digest september 2014 free download or read online pakistan shuaa digest new edition read online.

Iqtidar Main Pervez Musharraf Ke Akhri 365 Din By Maqbool Arshad

iqtidar pervez 365 din
Iqtidar mein pervez musharraf ke akhri 365 din book is the story of last year of general pervez musharraf in pakistan politics.Selection of army president,laal masjid operation,crisis of justice, action of emergency, assassination of benazir butto, election of 2008, conjoined government of pakistan peoples party are the incidents occurred in the last year when pervez musharraf government was about to end but there was another secret story running behinds these incidents and what was that story it is revealed in this urdu books.Further authored explains why general government faced much problems in this year.Before 18 august 2008 no one can think that one day general pervez will give his resignation as he was thinking for presidency till 2012 so what are the elements that made him to resign from government in pakistan authored tried to discuss and write all the possible points that became the resigning of pervez musharraf.Some part of this book are taken from the autobiography of general musharaf titled as "jarnail aapbeti" as this is the complete biography of general explains very briefly the all parts of his life written by same author and he was threatened by a close personally of musharraf that " no more book like this will be published against president" as this is another story which authored did not take seriously and he was also punished little. Download iqtidar main pervez musharraf ke akhri 365 din urdu pdf free or read online Maqbool Arshad Pdf Book on dropbox.

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Monthly Computing Urdu Magazine June 2014 Pdf Download

computing june 2014
Monthly computing urdu magazine for the month of june is a special edition on the occasion of eid ul fitar and available for free downloading on its official website. This month magazine brings new information technology news like recently skype (owned by Microsoft company in 2011) launched new app for language translation which will be available end of this year so the skype users will be able to understand and speak different language even they do not know languages here i want to add one more thing that there are many other translators like Google and bing translator and these tools are used only for text translation but with Skype translator users can translate any language while speaking to next person.NASA new research on transistors made technology more faster by inventing vacuum transistor which are nanometer in size and work on the speed of 460 gigahertz. Electricity is the basic source of life and almost globally every country is looking forward for making new electricity projects and recently students of ottawa university invented the new way for solar energy which is not only efficient but also cheapest.Micron company made the new hybrid memory that is fifteen times faster than other random access memory (RAM)Internet of things is the way of intercommunicating of  things which make them to connect to each other for example thermometer will tell to refrigerator and air conditioner what temperature should be for room and fridge same connection between a car and main door as car reaches near to main gate car will tell to gate to be opened through internet there are many examples relevant to internet of things.Firefox launched an operating system for android mobile phones and android os so the users can enjoy android applications on Mozilla Firefox operation system.Download Monthly computing magazine june 2014 pdf or read online free on mediafire.

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