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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Download Misali Duniya Urdu Novel Online By Mazhar Kaleem M A Pdf

misali duniya mazhar
Misali duniya is written by mazhar kaleem containing spy detective adventurous thriller suspense story in urdu language with the size of 3.7 mb in high quality format posted into imran series novels and mazhar kaleem urdu books.Early morning when ali imran finished his breakfast and moved his hand to pick up the receiver for calling phone had rung already.He called suleman loudly twice and suleman relied him that do not be worried i will call to doctor he was thinking that ali imran went mad today.doctor! what did you say why did you mean by calling doctor ali imran asked suleman angrily.If you can hear me its mean you can hear phone ring and its ringing now so attend the call please i am making here some special dishes today and imran picked the receiver up but was looking so angry on suleman.Ali imran msc dcs oxen here and if you don't get argry then please call me later i am busy in reading newspaper.is it really ali imran looks like it is female on other side. sorry i am not 'really ali imran', i am just ali imran, he replied to female.oh just ali imran then its not you because i want to talk to really ali imran,this time he got confused and thought she is not a simple girl and can give same and full of naughtiness reply to him.ok let me accept that  i am really ali imran he replied.How can i walk even phone cable is so small girl replied to ali imran and he is sure that girl is just two step forward to him.Visit the mentioned mediafire link for misali duniya urdu novel pdf download or read imran series urdu novels misali duniya online pdf on dropbox or visit the below alternative link.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

One To One Imran Series Novel By Mazhar Kaleem

One To One Mazhar
One to one novel is authored and written by mazhar kaleem in urdu language containing another adventurous suspense thriller action story of imran series with the size of 2 mb in high quality format labeled into imran series urdu novels download and mazhar kaleem pdf free books.This time ali imran and his team fights against american agents but they were failed to stop those agents to complete their mission so how is this possible that imran can't complete his mission.Ali imran was sitting on couch and reading science magazine when he receives a call from safdar saeed how tells him to reach at julia home as all the team members are waiting for him and he teases safdar that did he memorized the khutba nikah as he always taunts safdar to learn khutba nikah for imran's marriage.Safdar stops him and requests him to come soon but ali imran have not took morning breakfast yet so says that he wants to have breakfast first and suleman is not present at home and he can't prepare breakfast himself so if he pays him breakfast payment and he will go to any hotel for morning breakfast.Safdar saeed agrees with him but offers him to come julia home first and disconnect the call because he knows if he does not end the call ali imran will always be teasing him.Imran put the received off and went to dressing room so he could take off his sleeping dress and came out in few minutes. Suleman servent of imran was went for shopping and did not came back yet so imran locked the home and put the keys on secret place and suleman knows too and moved to garage for his sport car.Visit the mentioned link to free download mazhar kaleem urdu novels one to one urdu pdf on mediafire or read online imran series book one to one on dropbox.

One To One Urdu Novel Pdf Book Free Download


Mazhar Kaleem One To One Urdu Novel Read Online

Monday, 22 September 2014

Fathe Nama Sindh Urdu By Akhtar Rizvi Free Download

fathe nama sindh
Fathe nama sindh is the first and oldest historic book of sindh written in arabic language but some writter says it was written in persian language in 613 as no arabic author has claim for copyright.Writter of book ali kofi persian writer left her homeland when they were afraid of mongolian's attack and moved to hindustan recent name india where they placed in uch shareef.Baba fareed shakkar ganj's forth father also belonged to uch sharif and the same reason was for leaving mangolia.That time sindh was divided into seven states and one of these state was sewan the oldest state of sindh and still it is.Sikandar e Azam also spent his 6 months in sewan and took part in the repairing of sewan's tomb (qilla).It is also written in british gazetteer that in the time of sub continental sewan was on top but before reading this book every one want a reference that tells that this is the claim version or written by actual writer here writer his self writes a statement in book that " after the victory of muhammad bin qasim islam risen up in sindh and hindustan states and from the sea till to kashmir and qanoj masajids and minbar were built.Raja dahir was killed and then the government of muhammad bin qasim built in sindh and then i though that i should go for writing the history of sindh and check the mentality of peoples so for the purpose of information gaining i moved to aror and bakhar from uch sharif.Arabic people had good numbers in aror and bakhar and i met to maulana ismail bin ali bin muhammad bin musa bin sheebaan bin usman sakfi and he told me that he has an arabic version of sindh history from forth fathers.This book has the size of 7 mb in high quality format  and posted into tareekhi urdu books and urdu translated books.Click on the mentioned links to download fathe namasindh urdu pdf free from mediafire or read online history book on dropbox.


Sunday, 21 September 2014

Big Boss Imran Series Novel By Mazhar Kaleem Free Download

big boss mazhar kaleem
Big boss urdu novel authored by mazhar kaleem m a contains another adventure thriller action spy detective story in urdu pdf language with the size of 29 mb posted into imran series urdu novels and mazhar kaleem pdf books labels.Big boss is an international mafia organization that plans to kidnap the scientist of pakesia and send agent trueman for this task and trueman is also agreed for this mission as he wants to work against pakesia and specially ali imran and made ali imran surprised when he completed his mission too fast.

Big Boss Urdu Novel First Page

Ali imran slow down the car speed and stopped it on a side and and looked at a girl standing on the other hand of road who was looking beautiful and foreign and asking for lift for peoples but no one stopping cars and help her When ali imran stopped the car girl also noticed him but waiting for positive response from imran. Ali imran shacked his head that was a indication for lift.Girl was comfort now and took her baggage and start moving to imran's car.Girl thanked to imran when she reached near to car and put baggage in car and moved to other side of car for opening and sitting into car.Ali imran noticed her too tired and she was breathing fast and surely she was coming running that made her tired too.As you were running now if you ran behind any car you would be reached your destination said ali imran. Actually i was standing here for one hour and no one giving me lift but when you called me i thought that you are kidding or you may left me that s why i ran.Visit the mentioned mediafire link for imran series novel big boss complete pdf free download or read online big boss novel on dropbox.


Download Suspense Digest October 2014 Pdf Free

suspense october 2014
Suspense digest for the month of october brings new social adventurous thriller and reforming stories in urdu language wih the size of 14 mb in good quality format posted into urdu suspense digests label. It includes qaid khana by kashif zubair, sitaron par kamand episode 4 by tahir javed mughal, ghaibi imdad by tanveer riaz, neiki abad by malik safdar hayat, tohfa by saleem anwar, ehtasab by sagheer adeeb, tareeka kaar by naumani, deeda tar by amjad raees, hazrat ibrahim a.s by rizwana sajid, taqdeer by awais ali, wada kiya hota to kiya hota by dr sher shah syed and marvi episode 11 by mohiuddin nawab.Click on the mentioned mediafire link to download suspense digest october 2014 edition pdf free or use the alternative link if desired link is not working.


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