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Na Qabil e Zikar Urdu Novel Pdf By Bano Qudsia

Na qabil-e-Zikar
Na qabil e zikar urdu novel is written and composed by bano qudsia (late) in pdf format. This urdu book contains a social fiction story with the size of 10 mb and posted into urdu afsany pdf books and fiction urdu novels free. When i saw her first time on maal road (lahore), she was standing in rain. I entered into a shoes shop, at the shop door it was written pull from outside and push from inside. It was cold inside the shop because of air conditioner. She was sitting on a chair when i put a glance on her foot and thought all the beauty can be seen by foot of a woman. If they do not have any scarf on their face that ok but nude foots can attract a normal man too. i were entered into shop but don't have a single penny to buy a pair of socks but i tried many shoes infront of her so she can think that i am here for buying something. After few minutes she tried a shoe in her feet and started walking on floor.i felt that my heart is stopped breathing when i saw her with one shoe and that was unbearable for me. use the below links to download na qabil e zikar urdu novel pdf or read online bano qudsia fiction story free.



Read Online Na Qabil e Zikar Bano Qudsia Urdu Novel Pdf 

Darbar e Harampur Urdu Novel By Abdul Haleem Sharar

Darbar e Harampur
Darbar e harampur novel is written and published by abdul haleem sharar in urdu pdf format. This urdu historic novel has the size of 10 mb and posted into tareekh urdu novels. Darbar e harampoor historic novel contains a tareekhi novel story in a classic standard. Use the below link to download or read online darbar e harampoor novel in pdf format from google drive.


Note: Currently Darbar e Harampoor Novel Does not contain download link and can be read online only.

Toheen Risaalat ki Saza ka Qanoon urdu pdf islamic books free

toheen risaalat ki saza
Toheen e risalat ki saza ka qanoon urdu islamic book is written and composed by miyan khalid habib in urdu pdf format. This book has the size of 2.77 mb and  uploaded to islamic urdu books category. In Islam and holly quran it is proved that a person who is done the insult of Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H is able to be killed thats why all the muslims are united on this issue. These days many peoples are trying to commit this mistake and playing with the muslim religion and their feeling. Few days ago some group on facebook are trying to do the insult of islam and holly prophet and the muslims specially pakistan governament is serious to take action againts these kinds of group and lead them to be banned in pakistan. Pakistan supreme court had taken the massive step againt this step on social media. In pakistan many people tried to extinct this law known as namoos e risalat in constituation but they are succeed and insha allah won't be in future too.  Use the below links to download the toheen e risalat ki saza ka qanoon urdu pdf book or read online this islamic book free.



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