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Safreena Horror Urdu Novel By Ibne Naseer Pdf Download


Safreena Urdu Horror Novel Written by Ibne Naseer

Safreerna novel is written and authored by ibne naseer and posted into Urdu Horror Novels and Ibne Naseer Urdu Novels.. This story starts when a man named sikandar living a depressed life after a car accident. In this accident he lost all his family. One day a hindu pandit (suresh ) meets and advised him to do a jaap for safreena. Safreena a clever and cruel witch who does not bear to be in slavery of any human.When she knows that a man is sit in a jap, she tries him to leave the jap. A day come when sikander completes his jaap. A new story begins with the jurney of magic, adventurous life with witch safreena and ghosts.. Suleman a jin who becames the freind of dur khan and tries to help out the suffered people... Use the below mentioned link to download or read online the horror, scariest and adventures story of safreena and sikandar. 

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