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Europe Ameer Kaise Bana By Leo Huberman

Europe Ameer Leo
Title : Europe Ameer Kaise Bana 
Author : Leo Huberman
Translated By : Abdullah Malik
Format : PDF
Size : 11.77 Mb
More :  Europe Ameer Kaise Bana is a thinkable book written by Leo Hubeman and translated by Sir Abdullah Malik .Originally this book is written by the name of " Man's Worldly Goods The Story of the Wealth of Nations " This book explains the all ways which became the cause for europe to be a rich state.Basically this book is written the Capitalism system of Europe . Author writes: why some number of countries are rich and some are poor . Once Europe used to be a poorest state but what happened that it became the richest state of the world.Those poorest countries has the example of Europe that can bring the changes into country.This book starts with the story of changes and also having interest and
Instructive lesson.

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