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Download Ahkam ul Quran Chaudhry Nazar Muhammad

Download Ahkam ul Quran
Ahkam ul quran isalmic book is authored by chaudhry nazar muhammad explains quranic verses in urdu pdf language. This book has the size of 109 mb in high quality format and posted into islamic urdu pdf books and chaudhry nazar muhammad books. Quran kareem is prescribed for every muslims. In quran majeed there is complete knowledge and information for humans to live life like. But as this hollly book is written in arabic language so its difficult to read and understand the meaning of different verses. We are really thankful for islamic scholars who wrote the tafseer and translated quran hakeem in urdu and many other languages. This centery is the busiest century where no one is free from world activities or does not has time to learn arabic and read and understand it. How can we act on our creator's orders when we do not know what does his holly book says. As he says that first read it, understand it and act upon. These days hardly someone goes into religious activities and if they do then there are fewer numbers of them and as this holly book is arabic so they only read it. Use the below mentioned mediafire link to download or read online ahkam ul quran urdu pdf book free.


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