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Fateh Bait ul Muqaddas Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi Pdf

Fateh Bait ul Muqaddas
Fateh bait ul muqaadas sultan salahuddin ayubi urdu book tells the historic islamic battle fought in bait ul muqadass " old kaaba of muslims". This book was addressed by a Dr ahmed mehmood in madina universty, saudi arabia. And then reshaped into a novel book tells the biographical history of sultan salahuddin ayubi. He had fought many battles only for elevation of islam. He was a teenaged child when christian army occupied on Al Raha city and snatched goods with kidnapping of women. When sultan salahuddin ayubi r.a listened about this, he took an old turkish man and went towards of sultan ammad ud din zangi and got him know about the christian cruelty and asked for help. King ammad ud din zangi calls his army and makes an announcement of jihad against christian army. He says " tomorrow you will see my sword would be fighting in raha tomb, and you will go with me" When his army listens they become surprised, becuase the distance from king place to raha was 90 miles and how it is possible to reach in raha at night. Here sultan salahuddin ayubi says that i will go with you, when he said that many people started laughing on him, they were thinking how a small teenage boy can fight against christians. Author writes this boy was sultan ayubi who not only fight but also won the battle.Visit the below mentioned  mediafire, 4shared, drobox and archive links for download or reading online purpose. If any of link is broken, use the alternative links for downloading as they all have offline or online functionality.


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